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Devary's Spirit Of Whiz
Lil Whiz's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz
 Birthday: June 15, 2003
 Sire: Sheep Meadow Whiz 32"
 Dam: Ramakers Susie Q 30.5"
 Height: 30"
 Registration: A 142244 / R 236057A-DNA Tested
'Lil Whiz' is my main herd sire. I looked hard for a true roan stallion and finally found "the one". This boy is absolutely gorgeous! I thank Jerry Ramaker, of Ramaker Miniatures in Rochester, MN, for giving me this opportunity to purchase such a wonderful stallion. Lil Whiz is so refined, it's hard to believe he's only 30 inches tall. Lil Whiz puts such wonderful foals on the ground year after year. Easy to handle and settles mares quickly. Lil Whiz is a bay roan and is homozygous for black. He can only produce black based foals.

Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker
Heartbreaker's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker
 Birthday: March 20, 2010
 Sire: Boones Little Buckeroo
 Dam: Little Kings Jamaica Jubilee
 Height: 34"
 Registration: A 203573 / R 308151A
Heartbreaker is a new addition to my herd. He's a direct son of Buckeroo and has been tested negative for the 4 known dwarf genes. Heartbreaker will be used to cross with my Lil Whiz daughters. His dam's sister is World Grand Champion LK Buckeroo Forevermore. He goes back to Buckeroo, East Acres Golden Jubilee, Little Kings Napoleon and many more greats. The Jamaica Jubilee dam line has been a cornerstone of the Little King Farm. Heartbreaker is one of 3 Jamaica Jubilee bred horses that I purchased from Little King Farm in December of 2015. Just got the DNA test results back on Heartbreaker. He IS a palomino appaloosa! Heartbreaker carries one cream gene, one agouti gene and one leopard appaloosa gene. I can't wait to cross him with my appy and solid colored mares this Spring.

Additional Photos
General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Inwhizable
 Birthday: August 27, 2017
 Sire: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz
 Dam: Little Kings Jamaica Me Shine
 Height: 28.25 in main photo above...1 year old
 Registration: A 230490 / R 341311T-DNA Tested
Shine surprised me with this precious little colt. She doesn't show her pregnancies, until the last couple months. I thought she was open, in the Spring, so took her to an outside farm for breeding. When I picked her up, a couple months later, she was showing. Long story short, a little over a month later, I went out to the barn and found Inwhizable. What a pleasant surprise. Plans are to retain him, as a backup for his sire.

Additional Photos
General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Krystal Keepsake aka Keeper
 Birthday: March 18, 2016
 Sire: Arden Acres Super Nova 27.5"
 Dam: Ramakers Blue Krystal By Whiz 31.5"
 Height: 27.75 as a 2 year old
 Registration: A 226882 / R 336647T
Krystal had another blue roan colt from Squeaker. This time it's a pinto as well. Since Squeaker is sold, I'll keep this guy to carry on Squeaker's lines. That's why I thought "Keepsake" and "Keeper" were appropriate names. This guy will stay tiny.

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