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I cut back on breeding this year and all of the 2024 crop of foals will be out of Tanner. I'm excited to see what Tanner produces! My guess is that Shena and Fawn are the only two mares due. Frost was pregnant, by Tanner also, but lost her colt last November. I'll update this list as I become more positive.



Thistle Fields Royal Shenanigans X Thistle Fields Bold Daring Unafraid

Due in March or April, 2024

Born: April 2, 2024 @ 11:03PM
It's A Girl!
FOR SALE $2,500

Shenanigans has been a wonderful broodmare. She goes back to my very first miniature stallion, Dark Secret, whom I just loved. She only throws pintos, so I'm hoping that it will be a buckskin pinto and also a girl! Shena was vet checked in foal. Vet says she's due in April, but I think that she may be due in March.Shenanigans has a wonderfully colored buckskin pinto filly by her side.


B Springhill Midnights Little Dream X Thistle Fields Bold Daring Unafraid

Due approx. April 20, 2024

Born: April 29, 2024
It's A Girl!

Dream is a very nice broodmare. I retained her 2022 colt, from an outside stallion, and am anxious to see what she produces with Tanner. Dream is not vet checked in foal but ran with Tanner for quite a while. This could be a double dilute foal, possibly a replica of Jamaica Me Dream, my "heart" horse I lost from Coronavirus in 2019. Jamaica Me Dream was actually Tanner's dam, whom he lost when he was only a month old. This filly is a replica of Jamaica Me Dream, as she's a perlino. No pictures yet as she's still gaining strength. She is all legs, skin and bones.


Fallen Ash Eagles Fawn X Thistle Fields Bold Daring Unafraid

Due approx. July 5-6, 2024

Fawn has had one foal for me so far, a filly, which I ended up losing. If she has another filly, it could very well be a keeper. Fawn is not vet checked in foal, so I will delete her, if I decide that she's "open". So far, Fawn looks like she is pregnant.

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