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A total of 8 foals are possible for 2018. All match-ups will be shown here. If some turn out to be open, they will be later deleted.

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Devarys Spirit Of Whiz X Twin Firs Liberty
Due approximately March 10-13, 2018
It's A Boy!
Born at 10:04pm March 5, 2018
Thistle Fields Whizard Of Awws aka Ozzie

Both Libby and Whiz are homozygous for black. That means this foal will be homozygous for black, whether it's black or bay colored. This will be Libby's second foal. This pairing produced a stunning bay roan pinto filly in 2017. Libby's picture doesn't do her justice. She's a gorgeous mare with awesome movement. Libby is a daughter of Columbia Top Flight. UPDATE: Libby foaled a tiny but leggy bay roan colt. This colt would make a great show stallion, future herd sire or gelding.

ROKO Lotto Splash Of Style (Spider) X Ramakers High Blue Sky
Due approximately March 22nd, 2018
It's A Girl!
Born at 10:10pm March 16, 2018
Thistle Fields A Bit Of Blue Sky aka Itty Bitty
Sale Pending

Third time's a charm? This is the 3rd year in a row that I've bred Sky to Spider. First year she went full term, but I lost the perfectly tiny colt. Last year, she miscarried another colt, over 2 months early. I've been waiting so long for Sky to have a tiny mini-me version of herself. Planned to keep this foal, but I now have a very excited buyer. If Sky finally succeeds, in having a live foal in 2018, this foal should be already sold. I didn't see Sky actually get bred. March 22nd is the earliest possible due date for her. UPDATE: Sky foaled a super tiny but leggy black or blue roan filly.


Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker X Ramakers High Expectations
Due approximately March 28-30, 2018
It's A Girl!
Born at 4:23am March 25, 2018
Thistle Fields Buckeroo Coquette aka CoCo

High is most likely homozygous for black but hasn't been tested. Heartbreaker carries a cream, agouti and leopard gene, so this foal could be the buckskin appaloosa I've dreamed of. UPDATE: So glad no one opted to purchase this mare in foal. High has a leggy buckskin filly, possibly appy as well. I'm loving this filly more and more. Grab her at $1,500, before I decide to raise her price.


Devarys Spirit Of Whiz X Thistle Fields Royal Shenanigans
Due approximately April 1, 2018
It's A Boy!
Born at 10:57pm April 1, 2018
Thistle Fields Tango Blue

Shenanigans is once again pregnant by Whiz. This pairing gave me a World Top Ten colt in 2012. Shena has yet to produce a filly for me. Perhaps this time? UPDATE: Shena foaled another wonderful colt. He appears to be a blue roan pinto. Since I sold his brother in 2014, I've waited for another "perfect" foal. This boy is not for sale.


Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker X Thistle Fields Simply Dun (Missy)
Due approximately April 2-4, 2018
It's A Girl!
Born at 3:35am April 4, 2018
Put to sleep around 1pm April 5, 2018

Missy is definitely pregnant. I'm hoping for a super refined foal out of this pairing. Even though her name suggests she carries the dun gene, she does not. Another possibility of a buckskin appaloosa foal. UPDATE: Missy foaled a super refined palomino filly. Believe her due date was actually May 3rd, as the filly appears to be very preemie. Next 24 - 48 hours will be crucial...She is in a better place now, lost but not forgotten!


ROKO Lotto Splash Of Style (Spider) X Gallery Originals Formal Delight (Dee Dee)
Due approximately March 22-27, 2018
It's A Boy!
Born at 6:59am April 16, 2018
Thistle Fields Dancin' In The Dark aka Jett

Dee Dee has had a couple of very nice foals for me. This time around I decided to breed her to Spider. Neither are homozygous for black, so the foal could be sorrel or black. There's a possibility this foal will be Toabiano or Splash as well. I'm excited to see what this pairing produces. UPDATE: Dee Dee had a solid black colt this morning. He doesn't appear to have gotten either of his parents' pinto genes.


Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker X Bonsai Run Giselle
Due approximately April 15-22, 2018
It's A Boy!
Born at 11:06pm April 25, 2018
Thistle Fields ?

I hand bred Giselle to Heartbreaker several times. She's definitely pregnant and my best guess is she's due the middle of April. Giselle isn't homozygous for black but here's another possibility for a buckskin appaloosa foal. I just love what Giselle produces. Easy mare to get in foal and to birth out. UPDATE: Giselle has finally foaled. She has a buckskin colt by her side now. Price reflects that I have too many boys this year! He is very cute and has a snip on his nose.


Devarys Spirit Of Whiz X DBLDS Lil Commando Dixie (Cameo)
Due ?, 2018

If Cameo took this time, this will be her first foal. She ran with Whiz all Summer, so should be pregnant. Cameo isn't tested, but I believe she's a rare grulla appaloosa. Both Whiz and Cameo are 30" tall, so this foal should be tiny. This will be a much anticipated foal! Still not positive, whether or not Cameo is pregnant. If she is, it's most likely going to be due in May or later. Once I see signs, one way or the other, this will be updated.

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