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All of this year's foals are weaned and sold, except CoCo, who I'm retaining. This page has now transitioned into my 2019 foaling line-ups. There are only 8 possible foals for 2019. All 8 mares are pictured below. If one happens to come up open, I will update and delete her from this page.

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Rivendells Git R Dun X Thistle Fields Addicted 2U
Due approximately April 1, 2019

I hand bred Addy to Larry only 1 day. She's definitely pregnant and so her due date is very accurate. However, Addy tends to foal over 2 weeks early. My best guess is that she'll foal early to mid March. This should be an exceptional foal. It will definitely be black based, possibly a bay, if Addy carries an agouti gene.


Devary's Spirit Of Whiz X Exhibit A Latte
Due approximately April 9, 2019

I pasture bred Latte to Lil Whiz. She should definitely be pregnant and due the early part of April. Latte is a new mare I purchased earlier this year, so I have no birthing history on her. I'm hoping Lil Whiz downsizes and refines her foal. Latte is a rare champagne. I hope to get an exquisite champagne foal out of this pairing.


Devary's Spirit Of Whiz X Little Kings Jamaica Me Dream
Due approximately April 16-26, 2019

I pasture bred Dream to Lil Whiz. She's definitely pregnant and her due date should be accurate. This will be her first foal, so I'll be watching her like a hawk. If she follows her dam's record, the foal may come 30 days earlier than expected. This foal will definitely be a buckskin, as Dream's DNA results prove that she will only have buckskins or possibly a perlino foal. Since Lil Whiz has no cream gene, the foal can't be perlino. As both sire and dam are homozygous for black, the foal will be as well. Lil Whiz only has one agouti gene, so will have to wait to see if he passes it, making the foal homozygous for agouti, or not. This foal most likely won't be for sale.


ROKO Lotto Splash Of Style X Bonsai Run Giselle
Due approximately May 19, 2019

This will be an "oops", if a foal arrives. I was not planning to breed Spider or Giselle this year, as I'm trying to reduce my herd size. Spider broke through a gate, while Giselle was in heat. Since she gets in foal easily, and hasn't shown signs of heat since, I'm pretty sure that she's pregnant. She was only in with Spider the one day, so this due date is accurate, unless she turns out to be open. It will be interesting to see what Giselle produces, crossed with Spider.


Devary's Spirit Of Whiz X DBLDS Dixie Cowgirl Dun Got Twisted
Due approximately May 31-June 2, 2019

Willow is bred to Lil Whiz for 2019. I'm hoping that she throws her rare dun gene this time. This foal will be homozygous for black, as both sire and dam are homozygous for black. Their foal will either be black or bay and possibly roan or dun.


Sierra Dawn Uno's Monarch X Thistle Fields O Bay B
Due approximately June 12-15, 2019

This foal won't be for sale. Bay B's last foal was 3 weeks early, so this one may arrive towards the end of May. To own a filly or colt of Monarch's has always been a dream of mine. I'm so excited, especially since it will be a cross with my Lil Whiz line. I'll be on pins and needles, when it gets closer to her due date. This foal will be futurity nominated.


Rivendells Git R Dun X Twin Firs Liberty
Due approximately June 18-23, 2019

Since I have Larry for sale, I decided to breed him to 3 of my favorite mares. I believe Libby is pregnant and due next June. Both sire and dam are homozygous for black, so the foal will be black or bay. With 3 pinto genes possible, it should be pinto as well. Keeping my fingers crossed that she's bred and delivers an exceptional foal next year.


Rivendells Git R Dun X Little Kings Jamaica Me Shine
Due approximately August 14-21, 2019

I hand bred Shine to Larry late this year. I'm not sure if she's bred yet, but she usually gets into foal easily. I will delete this profile, if she turns out to be open. It may take a while to know though, as Shine tends to not show until very late in her pregnancy. It's also very hard to feel the baby move or kick, even when she's 9 months along. If she took, this should be a phenomenal foal. If the wonderful mares, that I bred to Larry this year have exceptional foals, I may just take him back off the For Sale page.

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