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Here are the pairings for 2023 foals. None are confirmed pregnant but appear to be so. If you're in the market, for a foal, you can ask to be placed on an "immediate notification" email distribution list. All people, on this list, will be the first to know of a foal arrival.

These may not be all of the mares that are pregnant, but I am listing only the ones that I believe are.



Thistle Fields Silver Lining X Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker

It's A Boy!
Born @ approximately 1pm February 26, 2023
Color: Black, Blue Roan, Smokey Black or Smokey Blue Roan
Name: Waylon

Sylvie is getting quite plump so almost positive that she's pregnant. Sylvie goes back to Brewers Orion Mystic and is a great asset to my band of broodmares. Sylvie surprised me and had her foal in the afternoon of February 26th. This boy is a Buckeroo grandson and is so well put together. Pictues were taken at a week old. If you look closely, you can see that he has an adorable snip on his nose. He should mature 32-33 inches. He'd have to be tested, to see if he has a hidden cream gene.


Thistle Fields Buckeroo Coquette X Oak Bay Salsa Redefined

It's A Girl!
Born just after 10pm March 11, 2023
Color: Palomino

I've tried breeding Redi to some of my best mares. I believe that all 3 are pregnant for 2023. This would be CoCo's first foal, so I'm very anxious to see what both of them produce. CoCo has one of the best "watch me" trots and I hope she passes it onto this foal. CoCo is a granddaughter of Buckeroo. I paired Redi up with some of my finest mares and couldn't be more pleased with the results so far. This girl is all legs but so tiny and refined. This girl already has 3 people interested, so is most likely sold.


Windfyres Silver Frost X Thistle Fields Inwhizable

It's A Girl!
Born @ 12:50am March 16, 2023
Buckskin / Silver Buckskin
NFS At This Time

Frost is a wonderful mare that I added in 2019. This will be her second foal. Frost has gorgeous movement and conformation. I can't wait to see what she produces with Inwhizable.The wait was so well worth it. I just love this filly. She will most likely be a keeper. It hinges on how the remaining foals turn out. I can only keep so many.


Raising Thunder Domino Star X Thistle Fields Inwhizable

It's A Girl!
Born @ 9:55pm March 16, 2023

Domino is a new mare that I added in 2021. This will be her first foal. She goes back to the Luck Four line. I can't wait to see what she produces with Inwhizable.This latest foal looks like a bay dun but neither parent carry a dun gene. The "Whiz" line tends to throw a lot of counter-shading, which are what her markings are called.


Thistle Fields Flight Of Fancy X Oak Bay Salsa Redefined
Due approximately March 22-25

Fancy is such a well put together mare and is a favorite of mine. She's had one super tiny filly, from my Monarch son, so I've decided to pair her up with Redi. I hope she passes on her floating trot.


Thistle Fields O Bay B X Oak Bay Salsa Redefined
Due approximately March 11-25

Bay B has had several gorgeous foals for me. It will be exciting to see what she produces with Redi. Bay B goes back to AToy4UC.


Twin Firs Liberty X Little Kings Buckeroo Heartbreaker
Due approximately July 8th

Libby is one of my favorite mares. This is the first time I've paired her up with Heartbreaker. I'm fairly confident that she's bred. This foal should be spectacular.

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