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PRICES AND AVAILABILITY ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 25% non-refundable deposit will hold a horse, for a local buyer, for 2 weeks. For non-local buyers, the deposit will hold the horse for 30 days, unless otherwise agreed upon. After that time period, a $5 a day charge will be assessed until the horse(s) is picked up. Any mare with a foal at her side, if not sold as a package deal, the 25% non-refundable deposit will hold either mare or foal until the foal is weaned. A discount may be available on multiple horse purchases.

General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
For Sale
 Official Name: JRM My T Rain Cloud aka Storm
 Birthday: April 18, 2022
 Sire: Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine
 Dam: Thistle Fields Simply Dun aka Missy
 Height: 27.25" tall on July 20, 2023
 Registration: A 241842 / R Registerable-DNA Tested
 Price: $2,500

This is Missy's second foal and she's quickly becoming a favorite broodmare of mine. She lost her first stunning filly several years ago. This colt is simply stunning as well. I would keep him if I didn't have so many boys. He would make a great show stallion or gelding and even deserves his own band of mares some day. He is an appaloosa, like Missy, and has a gorgeous head. He's very mellow, friendly and tiny. This beautiful boy is a grandson of Sierra Dawn Uno's Monarch. I really wanted to show this boy this year. However, due to lots of work stress, I didn't find enough time to train and show him. If he hangs around another year, maybe I'll show him in 2024. I have lots of show prospects but can only handle showing 1 or 2 at best.


Thistle Fields Buckeroo Coquette X Oak Bay Salsa Redefined

It's A Girl!
Born just after 10pm March 11, 2023
Color: Palomino
Name: JRM Redi To Shine aka Shimmer

I've tried breeding Redi to some of my best mares. I believe that all 3 are pregnant for 2023. This would be CoCo's first foal, so I'm very anxious to see what both of them produce. CoCo has one of the best "watch me" trots and I hope she passes it onto this foal. CoCo is a granddaughter of Buckeroo. I paired Redi up with some of my finest mares and couldn't be more pleased with the results so far. This girl is all legs but so tiny and refined.

High Expectation's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
For Sale
 Official Name: Ramakers High Expectations
 Birthday: May 15, 2008
 Sire: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz 30"
 Dam: Ramakers High Hopes 27.5"
 Height: 32.5 Inches
 Registration: A 190973 /R 295830A-DNA Tested
 Price: $1,500 OPEN For 2024 / $2,000 bred
High Expectations is one of two mares I purchased in 2011. She's a very well put together mare and she'll add more black into my herd, as I believe she's homozygous for black. Pictured from left to right above, High Expectations had a gorgeous blue roan filly in 2011, a blue roan colt in 2012, an all black filly in 2016; a buckskin filly in 2018 and a black pinto filly in 2020. High Expectations has a long flowing mane and forelock. She is also a great downsizer for my taller stallions. I have tried breeding High back to Keeper for 2021. I will have her vet checked, to see if she is bred, if anyone is interested in purchasing her. This mare would be a great asset to any breeding program, as she has been to mine. I own two of her daughters, which is why I'm offering her up for sale.

Add'l Photos Of Shenanigans & Her Grandsire
Shenanigan's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
For Sale
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Royal Shenanigans
 Birthday: April 14, 2008
 Sire: Scott Creek Royale Treasure 29.75"
 Dam: Dar' Shanna 35.75"
 Height: 32"
 Registration: A 206421 / R 318529A-DNA Tested
 Price: $2,500 bred to Tanner for '24 (2 for 1)
Shenanigans is a black pinto, as she does not carry a cream or silver gene. Shena is homozygous for Tobiano! She has one blue eye, four white stockings, a star, snip and spots within the white on her back. Shenanigans was hardshipped into AMHA in 2011. Shena is a granddaughter of my first ever miniature stallion, Showtyme Dark Secret, pictured above right. Dark Secret was a 36.75" tall gorgeous silver dapple pinto stallion, a son of Chief Lil Britches but unregistered. This mare is AWESOME and I'm so glad I didn't sell her as a baby. Shena has given me 4 stunning colts and 1 stunning filly paired with Lil Whiz. Her 2012 blue roan pinto colt went to Worlds and took top 10 everytime. Her 2014 colt, pictured 2nd from left, I named Phantom. He is now sold but is on my current business card. Shena evidently carries the Splash gene, which is why Phantom was so colorful. Shena has been a wonderful mare but I'm finally offering her up for sale so someone else can enjoy her. Shena has been vet checked "in foal" to Tanner for 2024. I'm excited to see what Tanner produces.

Additional Photos
General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
For Sale
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Tip Top Silhouette
 Birthday: April 27, 2014
 Sire: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz 30"
 Dam: T Bar T Hot Flash 30"
 Height: 29"
 Registration: A 219985 /R 351075A DNA Tested
 Price: $1,500 OPEN For 2024 / $2,000 bred
"Silly" has come back to Thistle Fields. Her previous owner sadly passed away in early 2020. It's hard to tell but she's a bay roan tovero. Her sire is homozygous for black, so she is definitely a bay. The roan gene almost completely wipes out the color of her body markings in the Summer. Silly's great grandsire, on her dam's side, is Harts Tip Top FLash. Silly had a tiny but super refined bay pinto colt in 2021....pictured on the right up above.


Twin Firs Liberty X Thistle Fields Inwhizable
Due approximately July 8th
It's A Girl!
Born: 1:20am March 29, 2023
Color: Black Pinto
Name: Thistle Fields Xwhizit Willow
SOLD To Dana & Jill Of Snohomish, WA

Libby is one of my favorite mares. I'm fairly confident that she's bred. This foal should be spectacular.Libby obviously was pregnant by Inwhizable, prior to me putting her with Heartbreaker. I'm loving the FILLIES Inwhizable is putting on the ground! He has produced 5 babies so far, all girls.

Main picture of Mare Spritzy, a Silver Bay Roan Champagne Mare
Thistle Fields Champagne Spritzer
General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Champagne Spritzer
 Birthday: April 13, 2019
 Sire: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz 30"
 Dam: Exhibit A Latte 33.75"
 Height: 31.75"
 Registration: A 234693 /R 348419T DNA Tested
 SOLD To Teressa Of Gilbert, AZ
"Spritzy" is a dream come true. She's my first champagne foal and a filly to boot! I bought Spritzy's mom as an older mare, so I was super excited when this filly arrived. I've color DNA'd her and she is Zz (one silver), EE (homozygous black), Rn (classic roan), Aa (one agouti), making her a silver roan amber champagne. Spritzy is confirmed in foal to My T for a 2024 baby.

Main picture of Mare Sky, a Blue Roan Mare
Ramakers High Blue Sky
Sky's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
 Official Name: Ramakers High Blue Sky
 Birthday: April 5, 2011
 Sire: Devarys Spirit Of Whiz 30"
 Dam: Ramakers High Expectations 32.5"
 Height: 29"
 Registration: A 207224 / R 311978T-DNA Tested
 SOLD to Marion of Ellensburg, WA
Sky is a dream come true for me. Awesome color, super straight, gorgeous trot and so tiny and refined. Both her sire and grandsire are Lil Whiz. Check him out, on my "stallions" page, as he's absolutely stunning. Looking at Sky's photo, it's hard to believe how small she is. UPDATE - Sky took several 1st places and one Grand Champion at the NWMHC AMHA shows in 2012. At the AMHA Western Regionals, Sky ended up taking a Reserve Champion ribbon as well (pictured above). Sky was the NWMHC Year End High Point winner for Solid Colored Mares. Sky also took the NWMHC Year End Reserve High Point award for Yearling Mares 28" And Under. What a great job for her only year showing. Sky is so small that I waited until she was 4 years old before breeding her. Sky had a tiny perfect little colt March 16th, 2016.....over 3 weeks early. I'd just taken her off of watch, and put another mare on, as Sky wasn't progressing, or so I thought. The tiny little colt didn't survive without me attending. Devastated and feel so bad! Gorgeous foal, so tried this pairing again. Sky lost her 2017 foal a good two months early. 3rd times a charm? UPDATE - Sky foaled a super tiny filly on March 16, 2018. I shaved her head and neck and she's a blue roan! Sky was left open for 2019 and 2020. Sky is bred to My T for 2022.

Rivendells Git R Dun
Larry's Foals
General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Rivendells Git R Dun aka Larry
 Birthday: May 11, 2011
 Sire: Nostalgias Whistle Blower 31.5"
 Dam: Darmonds Summer Girl 30"
 Height: 34"
 Registration: A 208307 / R 319304A-DNA Tested
 Stud Fee: $1,000 (includes 1 month free boarding) LFG
 SOLD to Barb of Idaho Falls, ID
After purchasing "Larry" from Shannon, at Rivendell Miniatures, I had him DNA tested. Larry tested homozygous for black, he carries one copy of the SW-1 mutation (Splash) and is LWO+ (Frame Overo). Although his name implies he carries a dun gene, Larry came back negative for the dun and agouti genes. What a genetic gold mine Larry is. He covers his mares easily and is easy to manage. Main picture was taken in August of 2018. Pictured above are his 2016 solid black filly, 2019 gorgeous bay colt and in 2021 a blue-eyed black pinto colt. He also had a colt in 2017, a duplicate of himself, to an outside mare. He's only up for sale as I have too many stallions and don't use him enough. Larry should have 2 foals in 2022 but won't be bred for 2023 unless someone brings their outside mare to him. Larry is super easy to handle and goes to a Christmas tree farm during the holidays. Here's a link to a video of Larry as a newborn.


Ramakers High Blue Sky X Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine
It's A Girl
Born @ 1:08am May 4th
SOLD to Julie of Elmer City, WA

Sky is a super tiny and refined mare. She is so tiny, that it's hard to find stallions small enough to breed to her. My Monarch son, Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine, is now the only stallion that I'll breed her to. This tiny red and white pinto filly is a granddaughter of Sierra Dawn Uno's Monarch. She should mature around 30".

Main picture of Mare Sofie, a Bay Pinto Mare
Thistle Fields My T Fine And Fancy
General Information
AMHA RegisteredMare
 Official Name: Thistle Fields My T Fine And Fancy
 Birthday: September 4, 2021
 Sire: Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine
 Dam: Thistle Fields Flight Of Fancy
 Height: 26.5" in February, 2023
 Registration: A 239795-DNA Tested
 Price:SOLD to Tina of Sequim, WA
"Patootie" is a super tiny little filly that is so proportionate. Her dam is a favorite of mine and her sire is a Monarch son. At almost 5 months old, she's not even 22 inches tall. Winter set in before I got any good pictures of her shed out. I can't wait to shave her this year and see what's underneath. It looks like she could be homozygous for tobiano. She may be a great cross with Keeper eventually. Time will tell, if she develops enough, that I feel like I can breed her.


Twin Firs Liberty X Rivendells Git R Dun
It's A Boy
Born @ approximately 9:20pm April 10th
SOLD to Ellen of Battle Ground, WA

Libby has become one of my favorite broodmares. She has only had one daughter so far, Fancy, who is also a favorite broodmare. Her latest foal looks grullo but will slowly turn to all black. Neither Libby or Larry have the dun gene. This guy has a large star with a small blaze going down from it. If his sire Larry sells, I may decide to keep this guy. He should mature 32-33 inches tall. This little guy hasn't been tested but has a partial blue eye and is most likely Splash and/or LWO+.NOTE: This little guy recently showed signs of a sticky stifle. It was just one day and I've since upped his vitamins. He should grow out of it, if he ever shows signs of it again, but his recent price reduction is due to this.


Thistle Fields Uniquely Dun X Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine
Due approximately April 2, 2022
It's A Boy
Born @ approximately 7pm March 29th
SOLD to Jennifer of Battle Ground, WA

Amber is a uniquely colored bay dun mare and is one of my Lil Whiz daughters that I retained. Amber wasn't vet checked but is definitely pregnant. She is bred to my new stallion, Scott Creek Monarch My T Fine, a Sierra Dawn Unos Monarch son. I can't wait for this foal to arrive. This will be Amber's first foal, Amber now has a very colorful sorrel pinto colt at her side.

General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Thistle Fields Bright Eyes aka Ringo
 Birthday: May 5, 2021
 Sire: Rivdendells Git R Dun
 Dam: Twin Firs Liberty
 Height: 27.5" @ 7 months old
 Registration: A238759 / R353216T-DNA Tested
 Price: SOLD to Shannon of Rochester, WA
This gorgeous colt was sold but the sale fell through. He has two crystal blue eyes, so is most likely Splash and / or LWO+ like his sire. He is definitely homozygous for black, as both sire and dam are homozygous for black. His barn name of Ringo comes from the sale that fell through. It has stuck and kind of fits him. "Ringo" has bright blue rings around his eyes. He's staying super refined. If his sire sells first, I'll definitely keep this one....

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