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AMHA RegisteredStallion
 Official Name: Thistle Fields John Henry
 Birthday: May 11, 2004
 Died: September 17, 2005
 Sire: Brewers Flashy Bucks - 29"
 Dam: World Of Miniatures Our Dolly - 29"
 Height: 28" as a yearling
 Registration: A 154831
John Henry was a gorgeous dun Pintaloosa. He was a keeper, so I named him after my dad, who passed away Feb. 1, 2004. John Henry was a Boones Little Buckeroo great grandson. He was also a grandson of Yellow Diamond Little Feather. John Henry had a partial blue left eye, frosting over his hips, black tipped ears, barring at his hocks, webbing on his forehead and a black dorsal stripe down his back. I'll always affectionately remember him as "MY PRANCING FOOL", as he loved to prance instead of walk. Shown in 2005 exclusively by Cherie Smith of Cherie's Training Center. John ended up winning 2 Reserves, 10 first place and 10 second place ribbons. At the 2005 NWMHC year end awards, he received:

HIGH POINT Yearling Stallions 28 & Under
RESERVE HIGH POINT Amateur Junior Stallions Level 1

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AMHA RegisteredMare
 Official Name: Rocky Runs Flashy Fawn
 Born: July 20, 2001
 Died: February 25, 2013
 Sire: Brewers Flashy Bucks 29"
 Dam: Chickadee Ridge Topaz 28.5"
 Height: 31"
 Registration: A 128851-DNA Tested
'Fawn' was a truly gorgeous mare out of my Buckeroo grandson, Flashy. NeNa Wright, of Arden Acres, very kindly let me purchase Fawn. Fawn had a stunning buckskin pinto colt in on smaller picture above to view him. Fawn was bred to Treasure for 2013 but had complications at 9 months along and we had to say goodbye. Fawn will be greatly missed as the above picture doesn't do her justice.

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AMHA Registered Mare
 Official Name: Little Kings Jamaica Me Shine
 Born: May 15, 2005
 Died: March 7, 2019
 Sire: Little Kings Bay Ablaze
 Dam: Little Kings Jamaica Jubilee
 Height: 30.5"
 Registration: A 165890 / R 314476A
Shine was a fabulous mare I purchased in late 2015. She is the dam of Jamaica Me Dream, directly below, and Inwhizable, on my Stallions page. Shine went back to East Acres Golden Jubilee, Komokos Little King Supreme (twice) and Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy. Both Shine and Heartbreaker, my Buckeroo son stallion, are out of the same dam, Little Kings Jamaica Jubilee. I'm just so thankful that I have a son to pass on her legacy. She passed over the rainbow bridge way too early! You'll never be forgotten!

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General Information
AMHA Registered Mare
 Official Name: Little Kings Jamaica Me Dream
 Born: April 20, 2015
 Died: April 23, 2019
 Sire: Little Kings Buckeroo Zipit
 Dam: Little Kings Jamaica Me Shine
 Height: 33.5"
 Registration: A 226783 / R 336646A
"Dream" was a dream come true, thus her name. I purchased Dream from the Little King Farm in December of 2015. LKF let me name her and Jamaica Me Dream fitted. I'd always wanted to own LKF horses. Dream went back to the East Acres Golden Jubilee line, which LKF raised many champions from. Main picture above doesn't do Dream justice. She's a bit fat on pasture and she's a few months pregnant. I DNA color tested Dream and the results were EE, AA and CrCr. Dream would ALWAYS throw buckskins, possibly a perlino, with the right stallion. Like her dam, Shine above, Dream passed away from a virulent form of the Coronavirus. Shine wasn't diagnosed, but their symptoms were very similar. Less than 24 hours, after showing clinical signs of the disease, Dream had to be put down. She'd contracted the hyperammonemia fatal symptoms of the Coronavirus. Losing Dream is a gut wrenching blow, especially after losing her dam last month. Tiime will tell if her 2019 colt, Tanner, survives.

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General Information
AMHA Registered Stallion
 Official Name: Thistle Fields The Red Prince
 Born: May 16, 2019
 Died: April 13, 2020
 Sire: Sierra Dawn Uno's Monarch 30"
 Dam: Thistle Fields O Bay B 31.25"
 Height: 26" at 6 months old
 Registration: A 234692 / R 348403T
Prince was a son of the legendary Sierra Dawn Uno's Monarch. I'm so honored that Joanne let me bring a mare to her magnificent stallion. He tragically passed away before his first birthday from a freak accident in the pasture. Not exactly sure what took place but he ended up with a fractured skull. I loved this sweet boy and miss him so much!!


Windfyres Silver Frost X Thistle Fields Inwhizable

It's A Girl!
Born @ 12:50am March 16, 2023
Color: Buckskin / Silver Buckskin
Name: JRM Whizably Shaken Up
Died: May 4, 2023

Frost is a wonderful mare that I added in 2019. This will be her second foal. Frost has gorgeous movement and conformation. I can't wait to see what she produces with Inwhizable.The wait was so well worth it. I just love this filly. She will most likely be a keeper. It hinges on how the remaining foals turn out. I can only keep so many. What a loss! Not sure what exactly happened but I lost this precious foal. We had a lightning storm that morning but she presented as if advance tetanus. If tetanus, I didn't notice signs until it had advanced too far. She will be in my heart forever!

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